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NINJASPY (ska/metal from Van)
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Mon, April 21, 2014


punch out god

June 29, 2010, 2:08 pm EDT
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Musicians Wanted

Looking for people to join and help create a band. Currently we are one guitarist and one drummer, but the drummer is also a guitarist/singer. So basically what we are looking for is a bassist, a vocalist and possibly another guitarist. Both of us have been playing in bands for 10yrs+ and want to create something new. Our preferences are mostly metal but are not limited to one genre. So if any of you who are reading this are interested and would like to bring your skills to a jam session sometime feel free to call me at 285-1705. My name is Garret. You if you can't get in touch with me via telephone, add me on facebook (Garret Tremblay) and message me with your contact info.

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Need local band to open for Rebel Spell Apr 4

Looking for a local punk band *WITH DRAW* to open for Rebel Spell at Crock's on Apr 4th. Please email

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The Lust Boys March 29 @ BPP with Jagstog, Viper and Rival

Check out this awesome show on Thursday, March 29 2012 at the Black Pirates Pub in Thunder Bay featuring The LUST BOYS (from BC) along with Jagstog, Viper and Rival. Only $5, 19+.

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Black Pirates Pub

Black Pirates Pub

Check out Black Pirates Pub, Thunder Bay's best punk and metal club, at 231 Red River Road next to the Scotiabank.

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Baycore Tattoo

baycore tattoo

Tomsin's Baycore tattoo drawn & inked by Killmedead @ killustrations. The tattoo was funded by donations, with the majority of the funding donated by Falling_Man. Read more about the saga of Tomsin's Tattoo on the forum...

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Check out Micro\'s website at

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Baycore Facebook App

Keep track of all the upcoming Punk and Metal shows in Thunder Bay on Facebook at the ability to post posters to wall (may or not work according to Ramsay?)

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Baycore on Twitter

Twitter Sucks

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Updates on Thunder Bay Bands

Download the Baycore newsletter (Issue 1, Oct 2009) for news, info and updates on local Thunder Bay bands including Faceless Hulk, Norris, Wayback, Rock Truck, Twins of Leda, Red Devil and more.

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Local Music

Check out the Pimp Your Stuff Forum which is full of downloads by local artists including new eps from Warmageddon, Rian Riot, The Okhrana, Gunboat, ROTM and more.

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Listen to CILU Radio 102.7FM

Thunder Bay Music

CILU Radio is a local community-oriented radio station primarily run by volunteers that supports the independent and underground music scene in Thunder Bay.

Check out their website at

Tune in at 102.7FM on your radio.

Or stream the station directly by clicking high quality or medium quality

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Check out for an awesome local wiki created by Tjernobyl that lists practically every band that ever existed in Thunder Bay along with musician biographies and a ton of other information on the local scene. The site is definitely an essential bookmark.

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